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18 Dec. 2010 // Oil and gaz

NIGERIA - Building Refining Capacity in Nigeria: NDPR’s Diesel ‘Topping Plant’ Begins Production

On the 18th December 2010, Niger Delta Petroleum Resources Limited (NDPR), the wholly owned subsidiary of Niger Delta Exploration & Production Plc (NDEP), proudly announced the commencement of diesel oil production.  
The mini diesel refinery ‘Topping Plant’ has been installed to promote self-sufficiency in NDPR’s operations and minimise the costs associated with the purchase of diesel. With a capacity of a 1000 bopd, NDPR will benefit from smoother operations, whilst also producing a surplus of diesel, for potential local consumption.  
The completion of the Topping Plant is part of a broader initiative, to enhance the Company’s revenue and promote shareholder value through diversification, thus becoming a fully integrated oil and gas Company.  
NPDR’s diesel production is being complemented by a Gas Utilisation Project that will harness the full potential of the company’s gas resources and ahead of the Federal Government’s implementation of its zero gas flare policy. To date, a gas processing plant is now at an advanced stage of installation at Ogbele while a 20km gas delivery line is nearing completion from Ogbele to the NLNG manifold at Rumuji.