04 May. 2018 // Other

Samuel Dossou-Aworet receives the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award!

At the 9th edition of the Africa Economy Builders Awards Forum in Ivory Coast, Mr. Samuel Dossou-Aworet, Founding Chairman Petrolin Group, was presented with the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Mr. Samuel Dossou-Aworet, who was awarded the prestigious prize in recognition of his contribution to Africa's growth through his own achievements and those of his Group, was keen to underscore the importance of seeing a large number of African entrepreneurs actually work together. He then thanked the ceremony organizers as well as those who, behind the scene and in silence, contribute tirelessly to Africa’s development.

Created in 2006 by Mr. Russell Lohore, the Africa Economy Builders Awards Forum is a platform that fosters the culture of excellence and merit in the fields of entrepreneurship and business in Africa. Each year, it rewards men and women who are making Africa.