Oil and gaz

09 Oct. 2012 // Oil and gaz

NIGERIA - Commencement of Ogbele Gas Plant Commissioning

Niger Delta Petroleum Resources Ltd (NDPR), the fully owned subsidiary of Niger Delta Exploration & Production Plc (NDEP) has announced that the Ogbele Gas Plant is now being commissioned by a combined team of very senior technical inspectors from NLNG, Shell and DPR Officials. 
Over the last few years, NDPR initiated the Ogbele Gas development project in the expectation that company positions itself to harness the full potential of the Ogbele Oil and Gas Field and: 

  1. Fully monetize the gas potential of the Ogbele Field and at the same time 
  2. Attain full gas flare out in compliance with the Federal Government Zero Flare policy. 

This inspection and walk-through exercise, will confirm that the plant had been built to international safety standards and is in a state to produce, process and transmit gas uninterruptedly to the NLNG.