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04 Feb. 2016 // In the press

Ethiopia: U.S, Africa Investors Taking Advantage of Opportunities in Ethiopia

The 'Doing business in Ethiopia Forum' has enabled US and African investors explore unique opportunities and gain insights into Ethiopia's fast growing economy.

Companies participating in the US-Africa Business Summit, are keen to get greater access, connections and insight to do business in Africa through high-level special events, business conferences, and trade exhibitions.

Yazmi USA Chairman and CEO Noah Samara said that his company has come up with a unique solution to address the challenge that hinders African countries from building the human infrastructure. He added: "Yazmi is committed to empower Africa to execute education strategy that works. As the programme fosters the development of science, Ethiopia needs its implementation." Ethiopia is embarking on astronomy, and cushy to accept and apply new sciences, he added.

According to him, governments across Africa, Asia and the Middle East can apply the Yazmi system to transit books, live lectures and applications to every student and teacher anywhere in their countries. Samara said that the Yazmi system can deliver massive amount of educational material directly to every student and teacher without getting access to the Internet or electricity.

Founder and Chairman of Petrolin Group Samuel Dossou Awaret on his part said that the development of Africa needs an awareness on the part of the continent's tremendous potential. Regarding finding partners, the Petrolin Group needs a strong connection with people who want to promote Africa, put the infrastructure together so that others may come to assist Africa.

Nigerian participants on their part said that they have the opportunity to learn about business opportunities, government policies, and private sector success stories from the host country.

The Summit assists them to create networks with other businesses interested in their country, meet face to face with policy makers and business representatives, and build potential partnership for the future.

Along the Ethiopian side, the Ethiopian Airlines presented Corporate Travel Programme for the Summit that provides companies substantial saving through upfront percentage discounts, back-end incentives, and other soft benefits on business level.

Manager Market Development and Global Corporate Sales Zebiba Miftah said that the Airlines assists any company to have broadloom connection between Africa and the rest of the world.

Over 1,200 business representatives, government officials, entrepreneurs, investors, decision makers and managers from Africa, US, China and Turkey are sharing their experiences about doing businesses in Africa.


By Zelalem Girma
The Ethiopian Herald