Diaspora FM


Broadcast 24 hours per day, seven days per week on a terrestrial wavelength and via satellite, Diaspora FM’s viewers include Benin residents and the 3 million Benin citizens in the diaspora. Thanks to a dynamic team, programs are aired in French and the local languages Aizo and Fon, using the latest generation equipment, and the station thereby fills the radio waves with high quality programming for its millions of listeners in the world. 

Making use of specially developed programs in-house, the station broadcasts economic, cultural, environmental and political news of Benin, of Africa and the world for its Benin residents as well as the Benin expatriate community.

Among the debates, magazines about the environment and political overviews dedicated to international relations, here are some of our programs which reach a large audience:

  • Musicale info, a culture and entertainment program, a perfect mix of diverse categories made up of music, online news, various interviews, games, phone calls and especially forums for the promotion of various products;
  • L’autre école, an educational program that deals with child rearing behaviors, parent - child relationships as well as political and economic issues, among others;
  • Hotadji, a daily program in the local Fon language, that discusses various topics ;
  • Review of current affairs in Aïzo, a local language spoken mainly in the Plateau of Allada ;
  • Let's react to current affairs, and
  • Les Béninois de la diaspora, a program that gives us a glimpse of the life of the Beninese Diaspora.