Data management

Petrolin Group has a specialized petroleum data management team, to help new oil producing countries in Africa promote their petrotechnical document libraries more effectively, by assisting them in acquiring data management tools that satisfy data user requirements throughout the life cycle of a document.

Acquisition and Analysis

Our team will help you take stock of your documentary resources, and help to transform this documentation into a reusable and durable format. This effort includes:

  • The gathering and inventory of available data and identification of missing data.
  • The collection of missing data from former oil operating companies, in electronic format,
  • The digitization of the data available only in physical format (this includes the scanning of paper reports, the vectorization of plans or seismic sections, etc.).
  • Recovery of data magnetic media and their transcription on modern information recording media,
  • The creation of physical data archiving sites,
  • The implementation of procedures and standards for data management.

Indexing and Archiving

Thanks to its considerable experience in the field, our team will help you to archive quickly and easily all of this information in a "standardized" environment, i.e. one which does not necessitate hi-tech servers which require numerous employees for its configuration and maintenance. This means:

  • The use to the maximum of Windows-like environments and standard PCs,
  • The loading of documents in electronic format onto a database, either existing, or one that we will help you set up,
  • Possible indexing of data which is not loaded (including references to physical storage sites of such data). 

Advanced Search

Once the data is deposited in your archives, our tools are available to help you find the information you need instantly and instinctively both by its nature (maps, well logs, seismic sections, reports, tape recordings, etc.), and by its geographic location.





Our Management Solution: PSApphire

Noting that no database system on the market optimally meets the requirements described above, Petrolin Group, in partnership with Stephenson and Associates, developed PSApphire; an Electronic Data Management solution adapted to the upstream oil sector.

The fruit of many years of experience in the oil industry, which can be adapted to the requirements of any customer, PSApphire is an easily manageable and cost-effective tool.  Initially designed to help Government administrations to preserve and promote their petroleum data, PSApphire has also been adopted for use by private oil companies.

Covering the entire spectrum of the oil sector Upstream activities, PSApphire runs on a Personal Computer, uses an Oracle type database management system, and a geographic information system (GIS) based on the latest in web techniques. It allows instant access to data both on the intranet and via the Internet using a secure connection. The GIS is designed easily to find and view not only existing objects (seismic lines, drilling, oil fields, etc.) in a chosen geographical area, but also to load quickly and easily any new data.