Eden TV

In creating a significant number of its own programs, Eden TV seeks to take advantage of its knowledge of the modern and ancestral world of its Benin audience in the form of news programs, televised journals, magazines and documentaries. The programming developed by others and broadcast by the station respect the Pan-African vision of the Petrolin Group and complement the programs produced by Eden TV.

Some of our most popular programmes:

  • “Matin d’Eden”, the morning news program;
  • “Dimanche politique”, the weekly political interview;
  • “Air-Terre_Mer”, magazine about the environment;
  • “Hommage aux anciens”, during which the microphone is given to the country’s wise men ;
  • “Droits et Devoirs”, an educative brief on questions about the legal system;
  • “Questions de Gouvernance”, about questions related to the development of Benin in particular and Africa in general: and
  • “Culture Mag”, a weekly magazine covering the cultural news of the African Continent.