Antoine Antoun

Antoine Antoun -

Over 45 years experience in consulting, strategy, finance and arbitration.


Mr. Antoine Antoun is an independent consultant for Governments and corporations in the fields of Management and Finance. His consulting activities cover range from strategy, finance and litigation to arbitration. Mr. Antoine Antoun is the incumbent Chairman of the World Food Program Audit Committee.


He spent the greater part of his career working with Ernst & Young (EY) as an Associate Director for France before taking up the position of Managing Director for Western Europe (25 countries) until 2004. 


He has extensive experience in the oil industry for which he worked as an Expert and Advisor in many arbitration cases. His noteworthy experience includes his mandate by the UN Security Council as a Commissioner to review and recommend compensation for the damage suffered by the oil and gas companies resulting directly from the Iraq-Kuwait conflict in 1995.


Mr. Antoun holds a degree in Law from the University of Paris. He also holds a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Lyon, as well as an Accounting Diploma awarded by the French State.