Claudine Prudencio


Ms Prudencio has vast experience in the infrastructure and legal framework of the UEMOA (ECOWAS) Zone.


Ms Claudine Prudencio is PETROLIN Group’s Special Advisor on Public/private partnerships and the representative of the Group’s infrastructure subsidiary, PIC Network Limited in Africa. She is also the Vice-President of PIC International SA, the Beninese infrastructure subsidiary of Petrolin Group as well as the Inspector General of Fondation Espace Afrique.


Her areas of expertise include international commercial arbitration, and techniques in mediation, conciliation and negotiation, as well as investigation techniques in the areas of economic crimes and money laundering, and the WAEMU competition law.


Madame Prudencio holds a Master’s degree in Legal Science, majoring in Business Law and Judicial Careers from the National University of Benin, a DEA in International Development Law (IDLO - Rome, Italy), and a DESS in Micro-Enterprise Management from CIESA (Edmundston New Brunswick, Canada).


A former Minister in the Government of Benin, Madame Prudencio is a member of the National Parliament and Benin’s representative to the Pan-African Parliament based in South Africa. Madame Prudencio is a Commander of the National Order of Benin.